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We Understand Your Pain Better than Anyone

We Understand Your Pain Better than Anyone

Many people who experience hair loss face a range of challenges that can impact their self-confidence and well-being. Balding or thinning hair can be a source of significant stress and embarrassment, limiting styling options and leading to negative social perceptions. Additionally, the cost of hair transplant can be a significant investment, leading to financial concerns. Patients may also have fears about pain or discomfort during the procedure, and may worry about the outcome and whether it will meet their expectations. Finding a qualified Hair transplant expert, speciallin in Mumbai cab stressful. You never know who can deliver a safe and effective hair transplant.

Don’t worry, we are here to tackle every bit of your concern related to hair transplant. Our procedures will offer a natural-looking solution for patients seeking to restore their hair and regain their confidence.

Hair Transplant - Real Patients, Real Results

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Enters Meeraz’s Clinic Permanent, Natural Looking Hair Transplant Solution

Say goodbye to temporary hair loss solutions and hello to permanent, natural-looking results with our hair transplantation services. Unlike other methods, natural hair transplantation is a safe and effective solution that won't cause any side effects or put your health at risk. Within just a few hours, we can transplant strong and durable hairs from your own scalp or body to the balding area, with no risk of rejection.

At Meeraz, our team of experts will determine the best method for your individual needs and preferences. Don't let hair loss hold you back any longer - choose natural hair transplantation for beautiful and natural results that will last a lifetime. Book your appointment today and start enjoying a fuller, more vibrant head of hair.


We Offer Complete Hair Restoration Services at Our Mumbai Clinic

Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

Hair Fall Treatment

Hair Fall Treatment

PRP Therapy for Hair Loss

PRP Therapy for Hair Loss

Treatment to Baldness

Treatment to Baldness


Alopecia (This patchy baldness)

Follicular unit extraction Treatment

Follicular unit extraction Treatment

Hair Regrowth

Hair Regrowth

Discover the Simple Path to Gorgeous Hair: Our Patient Process Explained

Start with an in-person consultation

with the hair transplant surgeon, where he will offer a unique treatment plan for you.

The fast, outpatient treatment

will use your own natural hair follicles to restore your hair to its original, youthful glory.

You will experience full recovery

after 7 days, then will have a follow-up appointment to ensure the procedure went perfectly.

FUE/FUT Hair Transplant Procedure in Mumbai

Step 1

Doctor Maps Out Treatment Area

Doctor Maps Out Treatment Area
Follicles Removed from Existing Hair

Step 2

Follicles Removed from Existing Hair

Step 3

Hair Follicles Placed In Bald Area

Hair Follicles Placed In Bald Area
7 Days Recovery, 6 Month Full Growth

Step 4

7 Days Recovery, 6 Month Full Growth

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Hair Transplant Done Right!

Confused by all this?

Don’t worry We offer FREE 1v1 personal consultations with our expert Dr Sulekha Patil so you can discover which options are best for your situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

With a few exceptions, this procedure is suitable for any male or female who is experiencing balding or thinning of the scalp hair. Your individual results will be dependent upon a number of factors that will be determined by the doctor during your personal consultation. At this time, he will advise of what you can expect to achieve.

Hair transplant cost depends on where you get it done, who performs the procedure and the size of the area that you want to get treated.

If you are living abroad and you want to come to India so that you can start the hair transplantation procedure, keep in mind that you have to pay for the travels. This is the most popular option, but like all things in life, you have to pay to play the game.

It is different if you choose the best expert in hair transplant in India. It is logical that you will pay more for someone who has the required expertise and knowledge in the field.

Finally, you should keep in mind that in India, the price is between 35/- INR TO 125/- INR per graft, which is five times cheaper than Europe and America.

It is difficult to answer this particular question because we are talking about health here. Even though it is not entirely linked, the only recommendation that you should make is to yourself. Therefore, we recommend you to conduct a little research and series of interviews before you choose the right one.

Finding the right hair transplant clinic is essential, and it will help you increase your self-esteem in the future. Therefore, you shouldn’t play with this decision and choose wisely.

Most people choose India because it has world-class experts in this particular field and it is the cheapest solution when compared with the other countries across the globe.

This is the trickiest question yet. You don’t have to worry because it will be a pleasant surprise. When you search around online for procedures, the fact is that you can't have surgery without some level of discomfort.

It is not painful at all because you will receive local anesthetics that will numb your scalp so that surgery could be performed. It is similar to going to the dentist. You won’t feel a thing, but you will still feel something unpleasant.

You will have to sit for at least four hours until the treatment is finished. But still, when you compare it with the final results, it is worth it!

After the procedure, you will have a bandage over your scalp which is patently transparent and visible. It is apparent that you have done something with your head afterward. At the same time, technicians will shave your hair down to provide the perfect surgical environment and to protect healthy hair. That way, everything will be in front of you.

You should know that the hair will grow slowly, but after a while, people will start noticing some changes. First, it will be unimportant questions, and soon afterward, they will see that you have something different. You don’t have to tell anyone anything because no one will even notice until you choose to share your story!

All hair follicles that surgeons will transplant during the procedure are entirely resistant to any form of baldness. However, we cannot say that it will always be like that. Many factors could determine the amount of hair on your head.

For example, most of you don’t know that sleeping is the time when your hair grows. But this happens only during nights. If you sleep in the afternoons, nothing will happen. Therefore, you should lead a healthier life and have a regular diet with healthy foods and nutrients that will protect you, and in a matter of days, you will notice the difference. Everything depends on you and your persistence.

The answer to this particular question is based on you. The doctor will tell you not to indulge in any problematic physical exercises in the first couple of days. But still, you will feel traumatized because of the procedure, which means that you won’t have any strength to work out anyway.

You should take it easy and let your body recover. Of course, try to live healthy, avoid alcohol and smoking and drink multi-vitamin supplements that will protect your body and immune system.

When you recover your body from the procedure, it is time to start thinking about your hair. But keep in mind that you have to protect yourself during the first six months.

Don’t start a rigorous diet regimen or body detox because it can interfere with your overall results.

This really depends upon the individual. It would be possible to return to work within one or two days after the procedure if required. However if you are sensitive about your appearance it is recommended to take one to two weeks off to allow the visible signs of the transplant to heal. It is possible to wear a cap after the procedure to conceal the top of your head if this is feasible in your work environment.

Hair transplantation is the only permanent medical solution to hair loss. There are many other quick fixes and "cover ups" but all are short-term solutions.

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